I dropped my phone in water, but it it was less than a middle filled cup of water. I thought it happened nothing as I had a screen protector and a 360 cover ''protector'' It didn't wanted to turn on, so I took the battery out and put it in rice. Hours later (5 hours) I thought that that should be enough as I did it for precaution, not because it was fully wet, I tried to turn it on... The led notification started flashing with 2 colors, Red and Pink... when I plugged my charger in... The screen wont come up and nothing like it was on. I am COMPLETELY worried about this as this phone is 2 months old and It couldn't be water broken because of that. Does the led flashing mean something or what? Is there any way faster than having my phone in rice for 3 or 4 consecutive days? Help please! ASAP!