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    Hi guys,

    I recently bought the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. So far, I am loving it.

    I tried registering for a Samsung account yesterday and, by mistake, I entered a wrong email address. Although I may be able to create a new email address with the same username as the one I entered by mistake during registration since I own the domain on which my emails are registered, I would like to use the correct email address - the one I use for everything.

    How do I go about deleting the current email address entered by mistake? There's nothing I could possibly do on my phone since it requires verification.

    Please help!

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    Default Re: Wrong email address entered on Samsung Account sign up

    You can unsubscribe from your Samsung account via the website (http://account.samsung.com/). Sign in to the Samsung account webpage with your account, and then click the 'Profile' menu. There you will be find an 'Unsubscribe' button.

    When you unsubscribe from your Samsung account, your details will also be withdrawn from all connected Samsung services. In addition, all information that belongs to your account, such as downloaded items, purchase history, etc. will also be deleted. If you want to find out which services you are using with your Samsung account, you can check via the Samsung account webpage (http://account.samsung.com/).

    If you are unable to withdraw your account by using the process above, please contact Customer Service (help.content.samsung.com > Contact us).
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    Default Re: Wrong email address entered on Samsung Account sign up

    Thank you, sir. I got it working.

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    Default Re: Wrong email address entered on Samsung Account sign up

    when setting up my phone I entered the wrong e-mail address. I have seen that you can undo it, but I can't see how when you go into the settings it won;t let you go any further as you have to verify your account, but I can't do that as the e-mail address is incorrect, please help!
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    Default Re: Wrong email address entered on Samsung Account sign up

    Hi Amanda. Did you resolve the problem? I just found myself in the same situation, googled for a solution, and ended up here. Not finding an answer here, I kept on looking, and eventually found it. In case you're still in the same boat, here's what I did...

    1. On the phone (mine is a Galaxy Note 1) I went to the Accounts section of Settings.
    2. No Samsung Account was shown, so I selected "Add Account".
    3. Then I selected "Samsung Account", and I was offered the choice of "Sign In" or "Create Account".
    4. I'd already set up a new account (with the correct email address) at the web site, so I selected Sign In.
    5. I entered the new account details to sign in.
    Now all seems OK. Presumably the old account (with the wrong email) is still there on Samsung's server. But my phone now accesses the new account.

    I hope that's useful.

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