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    Default Galaxy S4 Mini: Auto reboots

    My Samsung S4 Mini has started auto-rebooting. Randomly switches off then on. Sometimes repeats 2 or 3 consecutive times, sometimes 5-6 . Anyone had this problem and any fixes?
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    Default Re: Auto reboots

    I put S4 Mini Randomly auto-rebooting into the Google search. There was a number of responses, some for S4 and some for S4 mini. If you do not get an answer here you might just try that search.
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    Default Re: Auto reboots

    Thanks. Did the trick.
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    Exclamation Re: Auto reboots

    What did you find/do exactly to fix the auto-rebooting problem on the S4 mini?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Mini: Auto reboots

    I had a similar problem on my partners S4 mini i9195. I went through the whole process of trying to get it into the safe boot and hard start modes using the various combinations of power-volume up/down-home button presses, all to no avail. I was able to swap out the mother board but still no change. I then swapped out the screen/digitiser and IT WORKED. It seems that the chip which controls the touchscreen had ceased functioning correctly. This may have been due to a static shock. My partner told me that she had been talking on the phone and it just rebooted and that she has had a number of static shocks recently at work. This may not be the answer all the time but it is this time. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Mini: Auto reboots

    why it is doing this? I have the same issue!! I gave to Eros electronics Abu Dhabi, but they could not fix the issue yet??
    why I cannot replace the phone when such problem not yet identified by agent?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Mini: Auto reboots

    I have this problem - with a BRAND new phone (S4 mini, i9195, 4.2.2, I9195XXUAMF5, 3.4.0-870901, JDQ39.I9195XXUAMF5).
    2 days after buying it, it started rebooting, about once every two days. After a week, the store has checked my battery and said it was bad (was outputting too high voltage). they replaced it. 2 days later- it reboot again (by this time I have installed 'boot log' on the phone, to have records of all reboots, even if I do not notice them). The store has replaced my phoen. Within less then a day it reboot again...
    So, now I am experimenting... this weekend, I am leaving it on the table / not carrying it in my pocket. We'll see what happens.

    I though I notices there was a suggested firmware update to 'improve stability' of the 4.2.2. - does anyone know about it?

    Also, does anyone know of an application which will also give me more details of what cause the phone to reboot (re-start)?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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