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    Just got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and i'm struggling.

    I like the phone but I'm having a couple of issues and I would be very grateful if anyone can help.

    The main problem I have (I won't even start on the fact that I cant receive text messages any more after moving from iphone) is with bluetooth headset connectivity.

    I have bought a new Jabra Easy Voice headset and whilst I am able to pair the phone and the device I am having problems making and receiving calls via the headset, even though it says its connected.

    If I make a call i.e dial a number the call is being made through the handset and not the headset. When the caller answers they can hear my voice through the headset but I cant hear them through the headset. Their voice is coming through the phone speaker.

    If I receive a call I can answer it with the headset and the caller can hear my voice through the headset however I hear their voice through the handset i.e not through the headset.

    This is driving me crazy. Samsung cant help, Vodafone don't give a ... and Jabra

    Any help , much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Headset

    similar problem here....after update to android 4.2.2
    Sansung Tab 2 - P3100
    headset Jabra Easy Go

    pairing ok, multimedia ok
    but no mic or audio when making calls.....its like everything is muted
    but just on calls

    help needed

    best regards
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Headset

    I have faced a Bluetooth problem with s4 too. It used to heat up and drain battery very fast. Don't know y tho

    Sent from my HTC One
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Headset

    I have problem with LG Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth headset. I returned the first one, I'm having same problem with second one. There is no problem pairing or connecting. The problem is; when talking on Samsung Galaxy S3 via LG Tone+ Bluetooth headset at some random point in the conversation the microphone stops, but the earbuds are still working. I can hear, but I can't be heard. I can take the phone off headset selection, and then put it back on headset selection, and that makes it work, again, for a short while, then it happens, again. I lost the mic 5x in a 30 minute conversation. It is an intermittent problem. A Verizon tech did a factory reset on my phone when I took the first one back. I have also done a soft reset, and LG tech had me do a reboot on the headset. The problem persists. I have been in touch with LG, Samsung, and Verizon. The general consensus is there is a glitch in the headset software, but LG says it is not their problem. If it were not for this problem I would be absolutely thrilled with the LG Tone+ HBS-730 Blue tooth headset. I guess I will be returning this second unit for a refund, unless someone on here can suggest a solution that corrects my issue.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Headset

    Quote Originally Posted by Phalgun Gujjar View Post
    I have faced a Bluetooth problem with s4 too. It used to heat up and drain battery very fast. Don't know y tho

    Sent from my HTC One
    It seems all Android-based gadgets behave like this. Whenever I turned Bluetooth on my HTC or Sony, it was getting hot and the battery was fastly draining

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