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    Default Samsung S4 mini Shuts off during the night


    I've been having this issue for about a month now. My S4 mini will shut off during the night, every 4-5 days, even though it has enough battery life. I've tried running the phone in Safe mode for a week and have cleared the cache, but no resolve. When I find it turned off in the morning I can turn it back on without any issues, I don't have to insert the charging cable to turn it back on. I only have one 3rd party app installed (Skype) which I rarely use. I've had the phone for a few months and have only recently noticed this happening.

    Anyone have any idea whether this is battery or phone related ? Would a factory reset help the situation ? I'm trying to avoid the latter, if at all possible.

    Thank you very much for any suggestions you might be able to offer !
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    Default Re: Samsung S4 mini Shuts off during the night

    same problem here
    happens apprx once in a week
    during the night when i am not using
    in the morning i restart the phone and it works ok.
    not too much apps on device

    on another topic within this forum i read that this is a CPU problem and device should be replaced.
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    Default Re: Samsung S4 mini Shuts off during the night

    A couple questions: (1) Has your phone had to withstand any hard knocks or drops onto a hard surface; and, (2) Are your battery's terminals clean and making good connections at contact points? I'm asking because what you're experiencing is what would happen if you take battery out.

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