Help, im new to the forum and to rooting. I rooted my sprint galaxy s4 i played with custom roms for about a week. I tried updating it to MF9 but i accidentally but the MD5 file on ODIN on the bootloader section. It said something about no comunicatin between computer and device... I restatred it factory reset it and my calls wont go through, my wi fi wont work , my blue tooth has stopped. i dont know what to do . i am running on 4.3 and i cant unroot my phone because the 4.3 stock file is still not up. And suggestions. i tried factory reset many times, i have tried updating it ti mf9 but i cant do it, i have to use notepad++ to change a little of the MD5 file but when i open Notepad i cant read the file its wierd letters. I really dont know what to do. Oh and i flashed a custom rom after all this happened and my wifi and bluetooth work but not my phone, i went back and restored my phone with CW, but i have the same problem.