I rooted the verizon s4 (4.2.2/mdk) and backed up the rom using cwm. To preserve internal memory space, I set rom manager to backup to the ext sd card. In recovery, I got an error, can't mount ext sd card. So I backed up to internal memory and then moved the backup tp the external card. I wanted to make sure I could restore this rom if necessary so I went into recovery and tried to restore from the ext card. Again I got the error (can't mount ext card). I did check the card mounted before I tried the restore. Two questions: Is there something I need to do differently in backing up and restoring to/from the ext card directly and secondly, if I get in a situation where I need to restore, will I have sufficient access to the files to move to rom over to internal memory so it can be restored? (I hear about soft bricks and am wondering what I can do with the phon in that situation. I am very new to this business and would appreciate any help out there.

Another issue that may be related concerns cwm. When I rooted the phone last week (galaxys4.com instructions for mdk using odin/motochopper) the instructions indicated I should use rom manager to install cwm. That did not seem to work so I used the loki method and then was able to enter recovery. I note that within rom manager, cwm is listed as v6.0.4.4. However, the recovery screen (tiny green print) shows cwm as v. This seems to be a problem but not sure what to do about it.

Thanks for your help,