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    Default How do I know which upgrade I got OTA before installing it

    My S4 came with 4.3 MK8 rom (AP i9505XXUEMK8, CP i9505XXUEMK8 and CSC i9505PHNEMK5). I have somehow gotten an update OTA even though I unmarked automatic updates for my device. This update is bugging me every hour of so, but I don't want to install it because I want to avoid updating tot Kitkat. I don't mind if it updates me to a higher Jelly Bean 4.3 version. I just need to be sure.
    My phone is still unrooted because I just got it and need a safe methode to root without tripping knox.

    My question is, how can I find out which update was downloaded? Where is it normalle saved ? It mentions that it is an update for stability and is only 16 MB big.
    I lookup up the most recent update for PHN phones and this would update my S4 to Kitkat and then I would no longer be able to safely root without tripping the knox warranty.
    I desperately want to avoid this.

    Can someone please help me find out more about what I have gotten OTA ?
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    Default Re: How do I know which upgrade I got OTA before installing it

    It probably is the update to get you 4.4. Most of the time, if you click on the notification, before it asks for permission to install, it should have a changelog describing what the update is. If the size is over 100 MB, it probably is the OS update.
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    Default Re: How do I know which upgrade I got OTA before installing it

    This is the message I get, it's dutch, but you can see that it mentions 16 MB, no changelog. Just a mention about stability.


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