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    Default OTA efter rootning

    Vet att ni vill man söker efter svaret i tidigare trådar och tro mig, jag har sökt. Men kan inte hitta något klart svar på min fråga.

    Har en SGS4 helt stock.
    Jag vill roota enbart för att disabla Samsungs bloatware på telefonen.
    Mest för att det är en satans plåga att få upp notiser om uppdateringar till dessa appar trots att jag avaktiverat dem i programhanteraren.

    Tänkte att jag rootar med towelroot och sedan fryser dessa appar med Titanium Backup så jag slipper dem.

    Tänkte sedan köra Triangle Away för att nolla ev triggning av Knox och få bort ev varningar.

    Jag ska alltså INTE flasha någon ny ROM.
    Behöver jag ändå ta NANDROID Backup?

    Och eftersom jag sitter med deras näst senaste flaggskepp och ser fram emot nästa officiella uppdatering av Android, är min absolut viktigaste fråga:

    Kommer jag att kunna uppdatera OTA eller via KIES om jag rootat och använt Triangle Away?
    Är det bara att unfreeza de appar jag fryst med Titanium, köra Triangle away vid behov och sedan unroota via Superuser?
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    Default Re: OTA efter rootning

    Posted in a Swedish forum at the same time, just copied and pasted... here it is in english:

    I know you want people to search for the answer before asking here in the forum. And I have searched for an answer but I haven´t found a straight and clear answer to my question.

    I have a SGS4, completely stock.
    I want to root it only to disable Samsung´s bloatware on the phone.
    Mostly because of those damn update notifications even though I have disabled the apps in the built in Apps Manager.

    I was thinking of rooting my phone with towelroot and then freeze those apps with Titanium Backup to get rid of them.
    Then I´m gonna run Triangle Away to reset an eventual trigger of Knox and get rid of the triangle warning.
    (Will the freezing procedure even trigger Knox?? )

    I do NOT intend to flash any custom ROM.
    Do I still have to make a NANDROID Backup?

    And as I´m having their 2nd newest big phone and looking forward to the next official Android update, my most imortant question is:

    Will I be able to update OTA or in KIES if I´ve rooted and used Triangle Away?
    Is the only thing I have to do, to unfreeze the apps I´ve frozen in Titanium Backup, run Triangle Away and then unroot in Superuser?
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    Default Re: OTA efter rootning

    I've tried it.

    Successfully rooted my Galaxy S4 with towelroot.

    Installed superSU v 2.02 by Chain fire from his website as Play Store doesn't have the most recent version. Checked root with Root Checker Basic. Got root!

    Installed Titanium Backup and bought Pro version.
    Have tried freezing Samsung ChatOn so far.

    Checked phone status and Knox is NOT triggered! Still says official. Which was my biggest concern.

    Have not flashed any ROMs or anything else, and do not intend to either.

    Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens when next Android update gets out!
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    Default Re: OTA efter rootning


    Just a note... TriangleAway cannot reset the Knox fuse once it's set. No software known yet can.

    TriangleAway was built to disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to 0.

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