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    Default Galaxy S4 Zoom: camera starts randomly

    recently since 4-5 days my s4zoom camera starts randomly. it opens and closed and some time halts midway. i have to go to camera and exit to get it back into position. installed antivirus also but no effect. it happens when mobile data is or wifi is on. this is especially more when making or receiving calls. i have updated all the apps and have not installed any app outside the play store. need help. can not make out why this happens.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Zoom: camera starts randomly

    I have this too I think it's a bug in the phone. Also when I start Skype it does the same thing with the Camera. Hope they will find a solution for this.

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    Angry Re: Galaxy S4 Zoom: camera starts randomly

    Yes, I have the same problem. I noticed it several weeks ago. I have the original Samsung lens cover in place, so that the lens do not move - I only hear the servo motor trying to open the lens. It happens randomly in standby mode. It is not a camera problem - I had no updates from Samsung recently. I suspect it is a badly written app and/or spyware running in the background. The next Android spying scandal? Better keep your phones covered at all times. Anyone found the origin?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Zoom: camera starts randomly

    For me it happens only on certain apps. When you install an app from the Play store it asks for your permission and lets you know what parts of your phone it needs access to. I've noticed that my camera and mic are connected at times.

    When I open an app like Instagram or vine... The initial check of "does the camera function" is initiated. This happens on all phones, the zoom is just more noticeable because it zooms to the the camera open position.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Zoom: camera starts randomly

    Thats weird

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