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    Default Re: A concept I saw

    Holy sh*t no, that looks like an LG Optimus G somewhat hybrid hack, more like a Galaxy S or S2 or even Galaxy note because it is so square on the corners, ouch, definitely wouldn't appeal to the public who buys the newest products, matter of fact people may run away with disappointment when seeing it. In other words, it would definitely not appeal to the majority of the buyers out there.
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    The first one looks pretty fake, where are the buttons? But it looks neat
    Second one already looks like a previous phone that isn't in the galaxy s series. Might be concept of another phone?
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    Ugg this is way to much like the fruit. Playing games

    Information about release dates and processors make a lot of sense at this link.

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    A bigger screen by removing buttons that sound nice.
    The only thing is that when I tried the galaxy nexus, at some point I was looking for the home button as the side buttons are less convenient to wake it up...
    But I guess it is just an habits
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