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    Default What is this symbol?

    The symbol to the left of the alarm clock. Looks like a diamond with the waves. I thought it was gps but I don't have it on.

    Also, just starting this morning, text messages get stuck sending. Some of them do get through because some people reply (even though it says it is still sending). I tried a restart but with no effect.

    As well, I have wifi on with mobile data. Will wifi take priority? On my last phone, a motorola, I could keep both on, but when I was connected to wifi, the mobile data symbol wasn't even on.

    I'm on Verizon.

    Thanks in advance. I want to love this phone, but every day reveals a new, albeit small, issue.

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    (And why doesnt it say sent from my galaxy s4?)
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    Default Re: What is this symbol?

    dont see a picture?
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    Default Re: What is this symbol?

    It is a GPS symbol
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    Default Re: What is this symbol?

    Hi. It doesn't say sent from my galaxy s4 because you have to manually change your signature to that. As for the symbol, it is the GPS. It shows the icon even when GPS is off. By the looks of it, your verizon location services are turned on. WiFi will take priority over LTE.

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    Default Re: What is this symbol?

    UPDATE: I figured out the wifi/mobile data issue from another thread. I had to disable an app called something like Caller Name ID that kept the mobile data on. Disabling this fixed it.

    The text messages not sending seems to be a problem with Verizon (obviously) so I'll refer to those forums for this issue from now on.

    But the GPS symbol is still rather annoying.

    Thanks for the tips!

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