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    I have a few pictures that are getting corrupted. I have a 32gb class 10 sd card. Can't remember the brand. I formatted the card when I first got the phone. The thumbnail displays properly but when I open the picture half of it is a solid gray color. It isn't happening right away. The file uploads to Dropbox fine but it then gets corrupted. Anyone having this problem?
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    you are saying the picture is corrupted when viewing the file on the sd?
    and if you send it to drop box it is corrupt when viewed in dropbox?

    take a photo and save to the phone not the card and see what happens
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    I have Dropbox set to auto upload. So at the time that the picture was taken the file wasn't corrupt.
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    I am having the same issue.
    PNY 32 GB Class 10. Dropbox photos are fine, while those on the sd are becoming corrupted.

    If the corrupted file is opened via photoshop, the following message appears:
    "This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete). Continue?"

    Here's a comparison:
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    Default Re: Corrupted pictures

    I'm experiencing the same thing with a card I've never ever had problems with. I've stopped using my sd as my default storage choice till something gets figured out.
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    Default Re: Corrupted pictures

    The same thing happened to me this past week. A couple days later I kept getting a notification that the memory card was unmounted and mounted again over and over until the memory card went completely bad. The card was only a month old...

    It it wierd that I have had memory cards for years and they never went bad. I replaced it for now with a back up from my wife's old palm pixi, which was a hand me down from an old palm treo of mine.

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