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    Default Samsung Galaxy S4 - text msg via MyFord Touch Sync

    I have been able to pair my new Galaxy S4 with my 2012 Ford Focus... calls, audio streaming all work great via Bluetooth.

    I am also able to receive text messages and send them via the MFT (MyFord Touch) interface... what is odd is that 1-2 days after the pairing, any text messages via Bluetooth will no longer come through. If I click "Messages" on the MFT screen, it actuallys prompts that my phone is not compatible to deliver messages over bluetooth. Everything else works fine over bluetooth.

    If I unpair the phone & start over, I am now able to receive/send text messages via the MFT interface... but again, the feature goes away after a while.

    Other Galaxy owners are reporting the same behavior in the Ford forums, but no one has a clue. Trying here to see if anyone has ideas...

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 - text msg via MyFord Touch Sync

    I've had this happen on my wife's dodge truck. I was able to send a message, went into the store, plugged in and tried again and suddenly my phone isn't compatible. Tried again a few days later and it would send.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 - text msg via MyFord Touch Sync

    I have the Samsung S4, it connects fine to my car and all my contacts work..... however when I get a text message it comes up unknown.... I have no idea how to fix this... PLEASE someone help

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