I have recently purchased a Verizon Galaxy S4 and love it. Initially I planned on loading a custom ROM but now that it is rooted and I have removed much of the bloatware, I realize I don't want to give up most of these Touchwiz features. However, there are two simple issues I have never had with an android device before that are bugging me.

First of all, as I'm sure many of you have noticed, when the battery reaches a certain level, the brightness dims to the lowest level possible and you lose the ability to manipulate the brightness. Generally this happens when my phone has at least a couple hours of battery life remaining. Granted, a bright screen will reduce this time but I'd rather have some usable time than none, as the brightness level reaches a point where the phone is completely unusable if you are exposed to any sunlight at all. I have tried going through the settings as well as overriding the brightness with an app I have called Screen Dim to no avail. Has anyone had success brightening the screen at low battery?

Additionally, every time you plug in a 3.5mm stereo jack into the phone, it drops down the volume and usually forces you to acknowledge a dialog box prior to permitting you to raise the volume. This is a wonderful feature if you are completely oblivious and all you ever use are low impedance headphones. However, I use this almost exclusively on loudspeaker stereos, 90% of the time is is my car stereo while I am driving. Occasionally I use bluetooth headphones but I'm not dumb enough to blast that on full volume so this feature is pointless to me. So now here is one more button I have to read and push while in the act of driving in order to get music playing which is unsafe. Is there any way to circumvent this annoyance?