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    Default Volume on headphones muting automatically

    I've been having this recurring issue with my headphones on my S4. It usually happens when I'm out running (about 20 minutes into my workout) the volume on my phone suddenly mutes. If I try to adjust the volume back it, it keeps pushing it back to mute. This only seems to happen when I have my headphones in, and I am unfortunately using iPod headphones (simply because I find them more comfortable than the Samsung in-ear headphones).

    I don't have the Powersave feature on, so I'm not sure why the volume is cutting out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    Samething happens to me while im at the gym using my beats... its kinda annoying.... all I do is restart my phon3 and it doesnt do it again...

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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    Thanks! I did a battery pull and will give it a go again with my run tonight.
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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    I think that's an issue with android. I've had it happen on numerous phone. The only way to correct it is to restart the phone.

    from what ever phone I feel like using today
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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    with me its not a mute issue. I am out running with music and also playing ingress. The ingress sound stays on but the music gets to the end of a song and mutes. When I pull up the album it shows the next song playing (bar graph active) but no sound. If I move to the previous song it starts and then move back to the song that wasn't playing or muted, it will then play. A reset makes it behave for a while.
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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    I did a reset/battery pull on my phone yesterday, and the same thing happened again last night. The music muted automatically after about 15 minutes of play. I could pull the music volume back up, but then the "next track" button on my headphones didn't work.
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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    Kinda related....
    On a recent trip in California, I used my S4 for Navigation and the Music Player in a rental car. I linked to the car by a line from the phone's headphone jack to the car's aux jack. The volume repeatedly would reset itself to about 70% from 100%. It seemed to be tied to Google Navigation re-writing a map as we drove and was annoying. I would love to know what was actually happening.

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    Default Re: Volume on headphones muting automatically

    The same annoying problem here with an s3. I tried two different headsets but getting the same problem, looks like is phone related and not headphones related. Did anyone find solution?

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