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    Default Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    Help! My Samsung Galaxy S4 won't charge or connect to a computer. I've tried different chargers, cables, plug in locations, car, 110, computer. There is no dirt. Connection is clean. I have a spare battery and both of them will charge on the battery charger. I have tried backed up roms. I have done a factory reset.
    All of this and nothing helped. Am willing to try anything. Verizon is going to send me a refurb.
    Help please.

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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    It looks lke you've done a lot of troubleshooting. Yeah, your device may be broken.
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    Lightbulb Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    i had that same problem. I was trying different plugs to connect my USB to and different outlets. BUT it finally started to show it was charging when I used my Apple adapter.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    I used a small flathead screw driver and ever so gently placed it under the pin tab in the usb port of the phone and pryed it up just a hair. This fixed the problem for me and it begin, once again, to charge. Most people are probably, at one time or another, accidently trying to plug usb in upside down and forcing the internal pins of the phone down a hair. Hope this helps... be very carefully not to overpry and snap off tab.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    worked for me
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    I've noticed the USB cable doesn't charge my S4 from a computer as well as a wall plug. Even using the same cable both places, I notice the speed of a car charge or wall charge. Have you tried your cable with a wall adapter?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    hi, i was just curious how I would fix this problem. i am currently experiencing these troubles
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    This is the last chance for my new mobile Galaxy S4, yesterday I saw "do not turn off target" message and today I realize that I can't charge my phone or connect it to computer...
    I hate my new phone, I have to go and buy iphone, instead, the same price but not the same quality it seems!
    I bought this phone less than 3 months ago and now....!
    I don't know what should I do, but right now I want to go to Verizon and ask them about any warranty or help, if they can fix it or Samsung do something, it's ok, else, I trow it out and buy an iPhone and let anyone know about this bad experience.
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    Thumbs up Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    Hi! I just registered to reply on this. I used this with screw driver and worked! GG i got shocked when i puted the charger on the phone and see that not charging! (sry for bad english)
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    Another option....If your charger connection to phone keeps going in and out (boop-beep) when you move the cord, take a needle nose plyers and squeeze hard on center of the connector on the cord to bend it inward so it will clamp the tab in the phone connector tighter. Saw it in you tube and worked fine for me and a lot of others. I feel better about messing around with the cord than messing around with the phone. It's Much easier to replace a cord if I screw it up

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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 won't charge.

    You might have gone from 4.2 to 4.3. Only Samsung Chargers worked after the update. Then with The MK2 patch everything started working again. Had to do with the new spec on the micro HDMI connector. It would work if you rebooted every time. Its gone now with MK2.

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