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    Default What have I done? My keeboard won't work!

    I am starting to feel like I can't use my phone at all with out this forum.
    I just got my galaxy s4 2 or 3 days ago. I can't spell at all so I read I should download Kii keyboard. I did and it has worked perfectly on all my texts. Until about 20 minutes ago! I went to text someone and I realized even though I heard the typing noise no letters were actually showing up on the screen. I couldn't figure out what I must have touched by accident so I figured I would uninstall Kii and go back the Samsung keyboard. Except I can't figure out hoe to uninstall it. Can anyone help?
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    Default Re: What have I done? My keeboard won't work!

    Go into settings<language & keyboard and unselect kii... Then go into Google play store and under my apps find kii and uninstall (: hope this helps

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    Default Re: What have I done? My keeboard won't work!

    When you select samsung keyboard make sure your English language is downloaded so its up to date and more fluid with auto correct

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