Hi there! First off, I'm new to these forms and still quite new to Android seeing as how I got my first Android smartphone at the end of June. So, I don't get a lot of the technical jargon, but as a nineteen year old I like to think I'm a young dog who can learn these new tricks.
Poor attempts at humour aside, I have service with Straight Talk [the unlimited $45 card stuff with a Huawei Ascend Plus H881c] and I want to stay with them. However, I want a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have a friend who is willing to sell me theirs. It is a Sprint Galaxy S4 and I am wondering if it's possible to get it to work with Straight Talk? If so, could anyone help me on how - with it being easy and not to expensive for whatever you gotta do it make it work [if you have to buy like a sim card, that SMS/MMS will work, or whatever else], or if it's difficult and expensive.
I appreciate any help I can get!