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    Default Hotmail/outlook whats going on????

    soo mad... my main Hotmail account just sits there and loads and wont show me anything, yet I try my other one, and it works fine... my main one wont send or receive emails.... what is going on... my wifi is on, my sync is on, my mobile data is on., ive cleared cache and data. ive restarted my phone..... I don't get it. it worked fine yesterday
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    Default Re: Hotmail/outlook whats going on????

    Just read on Google, I think, where it's been down all day. I know mine is down. Hopefully, it will come back up.

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    Default Re: Hotmail/outlook whats going on????

    My problem is that it won't sign into my Hotmail account. I keep getting the notification about "failing to sign in"
    Only started to happen today so am hoping it's just a little bug.

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    Default Re: Hotmail/outlook whats going on????

    Happened with my Yahoo account also. I went into the email settings and found the incoming/outgoing settings and then just clicked 'done' on those again.
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    Default Re: Hotmail/outlook whats going on????

    Think I read the article here or on Cnet but "Outlook" is having a problem, Microsoft has admitted this and that fixing the problem is taking longer than they had expected.

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