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    Default PIN backup for pattern unlock

    I'm new to Android, so I'm sorry if I've just failed to find the answer to this question elsewhere in the forum. When setting the device to "pattern unlock", the Galaxy S4 asks for a PIN to be used if you've forgotten the pattern. What I can't find is how to enter the PIN if I have indeed forgotten the pattern. A FAQ on the Samsung site says that the device is supposed to ask either for the backup PIN or a Gmail account if you've entered the pattern wrongly five times, but I've entered the pattern wrongly ten times and this didn't happen (I didn't want to enter any more wrong patterns because I understand that this can result in the phone being locked up and having to be factory reset).

    Can anyone explain how to enter the backup PIN, please?
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    Default Re: PIN backup for pattern unlock

    . When you enter a wrong pattern for 5 times in a row a message will appear with "Forgot Password?" option enabled. Click that link and enter the Gmail account that is used with the phone. If the phone is connected to the Internet through wireless or Data carrier then you will receive a password on your email which you can use to unlock your phone. In the other case (no Internet enabled) you must perform a hard reset of the phone (press and hold the Volume UP+Home+Power buttons, and select Wipe Data/factory reset) and in this case you will lose all your settings and applications on your phone. The contents of the storage card will remain the same.
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    Default Re: PIN backup for pattern unlock

    Man thank you so much,you don't realize just how much of a visionary you are.I almost paid someone for this but the good word says "My people perish for the lack of knowlege"
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    Thumbs up Re: PIN backup for pattern unlock

    Man is working 100% thanks
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    Default Re: PIN backup for pattern unlock

    This helped me also.
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    Default Re: PIN backup for pattern unlock

    Please help as new to android..

    I had bought a new phone whilst my short trip to US from T-Mobile as back-up in November 2015. Since then i have never used the phone until yesterday as emergency. Unfortunately i am not able to surpass the backup PIN screen and now have tried atleast 100 times with various 4 digit combinations. Not even once did it ask me for forgot password and whilst trying to reset the phone it keeps on putting the camera on.
    Cannot login into wifi or network hence thought to seek advise here if there is any other way i can get this up and running as cant even take it to store being in Mumbai.

    Help is much appreciated!!

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