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    Question Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    One feature that I really love about the S4 is that it automatically saves new words you text. However, this feature has suddenly stopped working. This is my second S4 and the same thing happened on that one too! I have all the correct settings turned on, at least I'm like 98% sure I do. I use a lot, and I mean a lot, of curse words. The phone used to have these words saved in my phone so that when I would use the Swype feature, it would bring up one of my added words as a suggested word above the keyboard. The phone seems to be adding new words, but as soon as I back out of the keyboard, it erases everything. It's like it resets every time.

    I've already tried going into the settings and clearing the cache and that only worked for about 5 minutes.

    **Just a little side note: I've never changed keyboards. I've been using the same keyboard since I first turned the phone on.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    Ok so I found the answer! You need to go into your keyboards settings. So bring up the keyboard, long press on the microphone to bring up more options, then click on the little cog. Make sure "Predictive Text" is turned on. Now here is the part I didn't know about. Click on Predictive Text and from there you can pick which accounts you want the keyboard to learn from. So I clicked on Messaging and now I have no problems. You can also have it learn from Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Contacts.
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    Unhappy Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    I've the same issue. Few days ago, everything was working fine. Regular words or special words taught by me were being predicted correctly by Swype keyboard. But now there seems to be a problem. I can't access the words taught by me and am certainly not able to teach it again. I've checked the predictive text setting, it's enabled as always. Thanks to Alex, I've taught it from SMS and contacts. Still seems like it learnt nothing!
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    same problem me.. its driving me crazy! i even tried adding my words to my contacts and its not working at all. my phone just isnt learning. it learns it when i type it out ten times but once i erase the text, it seems the word from the dictionary is erased as well.... all my settings are checked off correctly and nothing works! SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME ):
    Also it was working from just last week..... i havent changed any settings or nothing idk why it would suddenly do that
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    I would personally just use the Google keyboard. Or if you want to spend some money, SwiftKey or swype are pretty good.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    Holy crap! I had no idea that setting was there. I was able to clean out all the stuff my phone kept adding to the clipboard inadvertently. Glad I read this.

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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    Tried all of them...still not learning anything...
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    Default Re: Galaxy S4 Keyboard Not Working Properly

    Yeah... But my keyboard does not work at all.. So i can't go to google store. (I can do it on the computer. But i need to log in on my phone when i download Swiftkey or Swype)

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