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09-07-2013 07:59 PM
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    Default Empty Music Playlists - Help Appreciated

    Sorry guys if this is covered....

    Very aggravating, but this happens regularly. I go to play a playlist with a music player (any player, I have several). Once I click on the playlist, it's empty. I check my other playlists, and they're all empty. Once I restart the phone, the playlists are fine again, but later in the day they will be empty again. What gives? Anyone else find a fix for this, or at least what the root cause is?

    I sync with my computer using isyncr, and have my music on a 64GB Sandisk Ultra Card. Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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    Default Re: Empty Music Playlists - Help Appreciated

    Nobody else is experiencing this?
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    Default Re: Empty Music Playlists - Help Appreciated

    I've had this happen a few times. I think the SD card randomly “ejects" which clears out the playlist. I have synced everything, music and playlists on double twist to save to my SD card. Seems to fix the issue. Other option is to save everything on internal memory.

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    Default Re: Empty Music Playlists - Help Appreciated

    I'm on my 2nd SD with Sandisk, as the first one constantly ejected itself. It turns out, there was an error in manufacturing the first wave of cards, and they didn't play well with the S4. Sandisk promptly replaced it with one that works perfect. I have all my photos on my SD as well, and that is never an issue (photos never disappear). This is definitely something with the music apps on Android.
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    Default Re: Empty Music Playlists - Help Appreciated

    did you ever solve this issue I am having same exact problem with my playlist being emptied all the time. I am starting to think that maybe it's an isyncher problem since all my other music apps playlists are empty as well. however all my songs are listed when you select songs or artists. I also looked in the folder where the music is located and saw all the playlists listed there. however when you go to music player The Playlists are all empty

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