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    Default BBM

    Anyone use it? Thoughts on the app?
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    Default Re: BBM

    I installed it, but can't convince anyone I know to do the same, so it sits dormant. I'll eventually get rid of it if I can't get anyone else to jump in.

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    Default Re: BBM

    I use it with a few iPhone friends for group messaging purposes, brings back memories haha. I like it so far though. Pretty cool.
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    Default Re: BBM

    I've downloaded it when it first released and I didn't have to wait in line because I had created an account before they released it. Anyways I got rid of the BBM because most of my family uses Kakaotalk (my main source of texting), since my family doesn't live in the U.S. I may occasionally use Line. I never liked whatsapp so I deleted that. Plus I don't like that icon always on in the notification center (even though you can disable it but BBM states that if you disable it, there may be some delays in receiving message. pfft).
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    Default Re: BBM

    No reason to use in my opinion. You have to have others use the app otherwise it's useless. Everyone can take text messages so that works for me.

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    Default Re: BBM

    I have it... Sitting dormant! I use to use it all the time, I just don't know anyone that uses it anymore.

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    Default Re: BBM

    I have it and I love it. I have many friends who use it as well. I'm also in a few groups.

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    Default Re: BBM

    I'm using it, mostly at work so far. I'm a systems/network admin and it's very helpful for me to know the people I'm texting have received and read my text. Also if I'm working through an outage and I'm on my phone working the issue, it's nice that I can just read someone's text and they can see that it got through to me.

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    Default Re: BBM

    I like it but the only issue is i cant change my profile pic after that very good app:thumbup:
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    Default Re: BBM

    Being an ex bb user, im loving it. Just installed and signed in with existing account and im back connected with all my bbm contacts n groups. Excellent!

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