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    Default Unlock Mobile Hotspot in AT&T S4 - not rooted

    I am using an unlock AT&T S4 on T-Mobile. AT&T has disabled the mobile hotspot on my S4 even though it is unlock. Is there anyway to unlock the mobile hotspot feature so that I can use it on T Mobile?
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    Default Re: Unlock Mobile Hotspot in AT&T S4 - not rooted

    There is!

    Use PDANet+ from the appstore, or download it from their site. It allows for USB tethering for free as long as you have the data.

    If you have to have wireless tethering im not sure :/

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    Default Re: Unlock Mobile Hotspot in AT&T S4 - not rooted

    Why don't you just root? Then you can do this. Worked for me.

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