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    Default notification on wifi only?

    I seem to remember a setting I turned off to save data before the 4.3 update where I chose to receive notifications only when on wifi. Im talking specifically about thescore app for hockey updates. Even with auto sync on, I only get updates once ive turned wifi on. This is annoying because if I go on vacation and dont use wifi, I come home to a billion notifications upon getting home to my wifi.

    How do I get my notifications to come through all the time regardless what network I'm on?

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    Default Re: notification on wifi only?

    Oh, you must talk about the "mobile data" button that was in the quick setting button on notification panel, right? Well, it's gone. They took it off on the recent update 4.3 .. but you could get this done by going to:

    Settings > on the connections tab, press on data usage > check or uncheck the box "mobile data"

    Check to use your data. This will enable you to receive notifications when you are NOT connected to a wifi.

    Uncheck to disable the usage of your data. So you will get notifications ONLY when you are connected to a wifi.

    I know it was easier when it was simply in the quick setting buttons.. I dont know why they took it down either but anyways

    Hopefully this will help you!

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    Default Re: notification on wifi only?

    Ummm nop thats it not. I always have mobile data check. My issue is, thescore app I use to get sports updates through will only give me notifications when I am using wifi. I thought there was some hidden setting somewhere that allowed you to restrict app notifications to wifi only, in order to reduce data usage. I want this setting turned off so I can receive notifications all the time period.
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    Ok ok! I think I found it... is it possibly that:


    Settings > connections tab, press on data usage > scroll down until you find the app you want and then press on it > scroll down and you'll find a option that says "restrict background data"

    If not then it was a pleasure to try helping you 😅

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