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    Default Forwarding Attachment

    I have deployed probably 30 S4 phones like this so far and this is the only one I have this problem with.

    I am using the stock email client, setup with our 2010 Exchange server. The problem is when the user goes to forward an email with an attachment, the attachment isn't included. I dont see any where to click to add the attachment. The only way to get the attachment is to download and manually attach it. However every other phone, including mine, I have checked this is not the default behavior, the attachment is automatically attached. I don't see any options like the S3 where you could enable the ability to forward with attachments.

    This has me pulling my hair out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    In the email client, select left soft menu button and bring up settings. Select the email account. Select more settings. Should be a check box for forward with attachment. . I checked in mine which uses exchange and that is there

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    Default Re: Forwarding Attachment

    I have the exact same issue with one of my users but there's no setting on his or my S4 to check box forward with attachments. It works on mine but his does not work and we can't find the setting. I'm on the latest release v. 4.3.
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    Default Re: Forwarding Attachment

    It took awhile for us to figure it out. The problem was with our MDM, AirWatch. They had a bug in the version of the client that was installed on the phone. After updating it the problem went away. Not sure if that helps any.
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    Default Re: Forwarding Attachment

    theBryanHeath, did you have to update the Airwatch MDM agent? Is that what resolved it for you? Can you be more specific? Thank you for all your help!!
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    Default Re: Forwarding Attachment

    Yes. Sorry I am not sure what release it was that fixed the problem. But it wasn't long after my post that the fixed version was released. So the most current version should in theory not have any issues.

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