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    Default Excellent battery life last few days

    Usually I can barely get through an 8 hour day on one battery. In the last few days I have been coming home with a battery in the 50% range.
    Not that I am Complaining at all.
    Has anyone else found that their battery has improved?
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    Default Re: Excellent battery life last few days

    It depends on how you use your phone ..if you surf a lot and make lots of phone call battery gets drained fast ..

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    Default Re: Excellent battery life last few days

    I've noticed that the past few days as well. I charge my phone before I go to bed so I can have it beside me as an alarm for the morning (stupid outlet placement isn't anywhere near my bed) and it lasts me all day until an hour or so before I go to charge it again. Before I would have to charge it 1-2 times to get through the day.

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