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    Default How do I change music folder thumbnails?

    I downloaded a bunch of podcasts to my music folder. I downloaded a Cracked podcast first and now the entire downloads folder has a Cracked thumbnail even after I deleted the file. Not a big deal but I was wondering if there was a quick way to change this. I have looked this question up and was only able to find people advertising apps that can do this for you. I don't want an app to do this, I have the picture I want to change it to on my phone, I just want to change the thumbnail.

    Any help would be appreciated. I love cracked, but I don't really want to see their logo when I'm listening to "How did this get made" or Jontron singing a pop song parody about League of Legends.

    Don't judge my tastes.
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    Default Re: How do I change music folder thumbnails?

    Bump, would really love to get an answer for this.

    Quick question, If I get rid of everything in that file and transfer new files over from my computer, will the thumbnail reset to whatever image is on the first file?
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    Default Re: How do I change music folder thumbnails?

    To my knowledge all thumbnails for any app ate stored internally in DCIM thumbnails folder. Not just camera poc thumbnails but all image thumbnails.

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