I am trying to set up the email facility on my new S4 without success. I have successfully set up the incoming server setting after getting the settings details from my provider, Namesco; the phone confirms that it connects to the server OK . My outgoing server is btinternet. it seems that they are unable to provide any info. & said I should contact Samsung who said it wasn't their issue & that I should try Vodafone. They were helpful & tried for over 2 hours but were unable to set up outgoing via BT internet. They were not used to having one server for incoming & a different one for outgoing but I got it working perfectly OK 18 months ago on my BlackBerry and on my wife's HTC.

For SMTP server I've tried btinternet.com; mail.btinternet.com; pop3.btinternet.com & a btinternet email address I only use for setting up broadband. for security type I've put None; Port 25; checked Require sign-in with all inputs it comes up "Unable to connect to email server to veryfy your account information.

Can anyone help me with what settings I should put in for the Outgoing server for BT Internet?