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    Default Lock screen wallpaper samsung galaxy s4

    I downloaded an app from the play store. It is a selection of wallpaper. How do I put it on my lock screen? When I select the picture it says set wallpaper which is does but to my home screen. I have gone under settings-my device-display-wallpaper-lock screen but the app does not show up only gallery and photos and some silly travel wallpaper on the lock screen.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You
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    Default Re: Lock screen wallpaper samsung galaxy s4

    Are they live wallpapers? Since the 4.3 upgrade, it's no longer possible to put a live wallpaper on the lock screen, unless you put it on both the lock screen and the home screen. See this thread: live wallpaper for lock screen?. Makes you wonder about how Samsung defines "upgrade," eh?

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