Hey guys.

Just picked up an S4.

I have a Sony Xplod in my car with bluetooth (both for handsfree calling and A2DP audio)

When I connect my S4 it automatically loads S-Voice in handsfree mode, which is awesome!

However, asking it to do anything, such as navigating with Google Maps, playing music, whatever, eventually it will completely crash the phone and reboot.

I notice the phone is getting very hot. I am not charging it in the car at this time.

I also use Tasker to load some other apps when I connect to my Bluetooth in my car, mainly Trapster and my ODB2 sensor for my car.

I had all of this running on my Palm Pre no problem for many years, please don't tell me a phone that is 8x more powerful can't handle a couple apps running at the same time!

What gives? Any thoughts into why it is rebooting?