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    Default S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    Like the title says really my phones deleted all my memos i had stored in the s memo app and foolishly i had some important information on there, is there any way to get these back? I wont go into too much detail but there was something in there that means alot to me

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    I just created and saved a test S-memo on mine to see where it saves. The memo file on mine saved to internal phone storage at /storage/emulated/0/SMemo; the file type is .snb. Take a look using a file manager app and see if you can find that type of file either in the folder I mentioned or somewhere else in the phone's memory. If you can find the files, there may be a way to restore the data.
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    How do I recover deleted s memo's on my samsung s4?
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    Help this has happened me too and there are none in the location you suggested other than 2 that I created recently.
    So upset!

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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    My Samsung Galaxy had too much stuff in storage so I synced lots of files.. until... I realized.. that deleted ALL my memos.. I had some REALLY important stuff in there.. im gonna DIE if I dont get them back.. I badically tried EVERYTHING!! Yet... none of them work..
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    Me too. I did a live chat with Samsung and they said my memos can't be restored. Extremely upset
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    I'm just new to Samsung but something must be weird there, meaning that it must be a process that runs that's deleted them. Maybe a process with an option to delete or not delete files?

    I'm sure that someone with more experience will chime in.

    Obviously based on tour level of concern there's no chance they are in a backup in Kies?

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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    You need to access your backup files from Kies3, see att pic, then copy/paste into the folder SNote. The folders to open are in the pic. Then restart your phone and it will update your deleted notes. I turned on my phone this morning and all my saved notes were gone, so yes hope this helped.
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    Default Re: S4 has deleted all my s memo's?

    This just happened to me. I noticed it had left the 3 most recent notes and deleted the rest. I pressed the menu button, went to settings, accounts, samsung account and did a sync and thankfully all my notes are back!

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