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    Default Custom Ringtones not working

    I've installed Ringdroid and Ringtone Maker and after I create The ringtone It just plays A small beep And thats it. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    Are you sure you made a ringtone? Sounds like it didn't work. Try again, you can make up to a 15 second sound clip I think.

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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    Same problem here since upgrade on Droid Maxx. Existing ringtones that worked prior to the upgrade now only make a ding sound. Edited, deleted, created new ones and still only a ding. Anyone resolved this or find a work around?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    I have been seeing a lot of posts like this. Myxer had a bunch of recent reviews complaining about custom files not working or being corrupted.

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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    Having the same sort of problems as others. Have a new galaxy note 3. Downloaded music from my iphone to new phone. Those all show up in play music and ringdroid and I can use these as ringtones. Downloaded my first song from play store yesterday. It shows up on my playlist on google play but not on ringdroid or list when I try to use as ringtone (other music does). Have tried everything I've read on these forums and google search to no avail. Very frustrated!
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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    I haven't had any issues and use custom ring tones for everything. I make a folder on the internal SD card that's called Notifications and put all my custom ones in there. Then in either my dialer or sms app notifications options I pick ES file Explorer as the application to locate the file and it works for me. I think you have to use ES or your stock File Manager to select the track. I don't think it sticks if you use your media player to select the ring tones. Well try that and see if it helps.

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    Default Re: Custom Ringtones not working

    I found out that simply drag'n'drop in Windows Explorer didn't work. Got corrupted files, files that only played one or two seconds, etc. Then I transferred the music files using Kies3 and everything works just fine. Try that method, OP.

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