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    Default rooted gs4 "unable to connect to network"

    I just recently rooted my phone, I installed a couple different tethering apps and ever since then I cannot connect to any Wi-Fi networks and all the passwords and info for the ones I had saved was cleared out! It says unable to connect to network immediately after trying to connect, it doesn't even try anymore.. any help please?
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    Default Re: rooted gs4 "unable to connect to network"

    I could be wrong so wait for another opinion but what I would do is uninstall your tethering apps and if that doesn't work you might have to flash the rom again or if your using a custom rom then use the stock...

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    Default Re: rooted gs4 "unable to connect to network"

    P.s. I already uninstalled the apps, cleared my cache, and it's stock O.S. i didn't flash a Rom. Also it's a Sprint (SPH-L720)

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