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    Default Questions regarding Galaxy S4 Bootloop

    Hey there. I previously posted a thread on my S4 bootlooping and I sent it to the Samsung sponsored store that sold it to me, to have a look at it. The tech guy's immediate deduction was that I have a virus on my phone, despite me having an anti-virus software, which I constantly update and scan with. When I pointed out the swelling on the battery unit, he said it was because of abnormal charging. I showed him my battery doctor app (which had a list of my charging patterns, and I always charge in close to full cycle, i have never received any over-charging warnings and battery status has always been healthy), and then he said it also comes with installing apk's and apps outside the playstore and samsung store. I was told the solution is to reformat the phone and re-install Android 4.2 (stock OS it was shipped with).
    Now let me point out that in Sri Lanka, alot of tech people turn out to be bull****ters with only one basic solution to any tech problem - 'reformat the device and install an older OS to see if it works'.

    I just got my phone back after they replaced the battery with a brand new one (I was told to turn it off and charge it for 3 hours before using it again). The thing is, I want to know how true these claims are. Is it true that installing apk's and apps outside the playstore and samsung store contributes to bootlooping? Because if that's true, I can never install certain custom apps/wallpapers (especially ones ported from official releases to other models and posted for download on sites such as this), and I think its ridiculous.
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    Default Re: Questions regarding Galaxy S4 Bootloop

    Hi Ranjith

    Recently I too experienced the same issue. Model is GT-I9505 (4G-Samsung Galaxy S4) . I bought it in Aug/2013 and the issue started from Jan 2013. The only change I did was to upgrade to 4.3. and all the apps installed from Play Store and had e-set virus scanner. Initially how it has happed was , I was browsing with Chrome and suddenly the phone started to reboot and looping experienced until I connect the charger. Then whenever I start Mobile Internet or video the same happed.

    I tried the solutions on different forums such as doing a factory re-set, removing sd card etc.But I also had my doubts on the battery ( Swelled) and sent it (battery)to the place (UAE) where I bought.

    But I am wondering whether I made the correct decision by selecting this product and utterly dissatisfied with Samsung.
    Please share me If your problem is addressed with the replaced battery. Thanks
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    Default Re: Questions regarding Galaxy S4 Bootloop

    I don't know about apps - I've never had any problems with 'em.. But the fact is that the most of these bootlooping cases (I had it too) are fixed just by changing the bad battery. After I got a new battery my S4 has worked completely fine - It restarted once, but didn't stuck in a loop.

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