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    Default What's your opinion about touchwiz ?

    I like touchwiz for functionality but don't like design of it.Its ugly

    I think Touchwiz performs very excellent but feels slow because of bad frame rates but in reality its as stock Android.

    I like so many options they give under settings for every app and also settings etc.
    For example , Many browsers offer reading mode and leave it like that but Samsung's browser gives option of night mode inside reader which is pretty nice during night time usage.
    I have used tonnes of gallery apps but none of them given option to have background music while slideshow but Touchwiz does (only other devices I see are iOS devices for which that feature was added recently)
    Music Player shows embedded lyrics (i.e lyrics which are pasted into original music file itself so that Its offline)

    I generally prefer iOS for having all basic functions but Touchwiz takes those basics to another level by adding even better options.

    Those small things add up to a very nice user experience to me.

    When I started using Android 5 months back , I used Chrome , Quickpic , Alarm Clock etc. so many 3rd party apps but now I am using almost every Samsung app (except S-voice) because 3rd party apps all lack basics at one place or other.Those 3rd party apps are pain to use as well because of design inconsistencies.

    One app has x features but misses y feature , other app has both x and y features but no z feature etc.

    Only thing I am waiting for is aesthetic redesign of Touchwiz.Apart from that , I have no complains.

    Hardware also , Samsung gets it "RIGHT".
    When I say about SD-slot and removable battery , people say that SD-slot is waste and Cloud is a way to go but when I say that Samsung also gave me 50GB dropbox for cloud , they go speechless
    There is Galaxy S2 in home which needs battery replacement because it got exhausted but still good for typical day's usage , do you know replacement cost ? $12 yep that's right official Samsung battery.

    Do you know how much they asked for my iPod Touch battery replacement ? over $100 + 14 working days time (after shipping charges)

    That's why those basic hardware things are important for me.
    As long as they make feather weight devices and thin , I am not bothered with plastic.
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    Default Re: What's your opinion about touchwiz ?

    Touchwiz needs to be slimmed down, there is no reason it should take up over 8gb of memory. Because of everything that is going on with TW it slows the phone down opening some of the core apps. Example would be the phone app. A very basic and important app, I shouldn't have to wait for it to load a dialer or my contact list. The other would be opening shortcut apps from the lock screen. It drives me crazy that when I open something like messages from my lock screen that it goes to my home screen first then opens the app. Why can't it jump right into the app. Little things like that make me dislike TW. But there are things such as the SD card and removable battery that get me to tolerate it. All of the eye detection and hand gesture gimmicks can go to the curb. If Sammy would slim TW down to where it is the speed of stock android but still incorporate a few of their own little things they actually did well they would have an amazing device. The Note 3 is about as close to the speed of stock android as I've seen from Samsung but the chances of me carrying a phone that big are non existent.

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    Default Re: What's your opinion about touchwiz ?

    Keep in mind, I have little "hands on" time with TouchWiz, most of what follows is mostly based of what I have read rather then personal experience.

    There are a number of people who hate TouchWiz, simply because that's what it appears is "cool". Kinda like it's "cool" to hate Apple. (I'll get back to this point later)

    TouchWiz visuals DO need an update, I don't think anyone would argue if they updated the look of it to match the Holo (Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean) or KitKat look. I agree it's kinda ugly, but personally I'll take function over form. Sure I like things to look nice but they gotta work. If it doesn't work properly I don't care how good it looks! TouchWiz also tends to be really heavy on the phone's resources - high CPU and RAM usage. Part of this is understandable, but at the same time I'm curious. If you look at all the features available on TouchWiz, especially if you consider the Note 3 and all the S-Pen features - it's easy to see why the CPU has to work so hard, but at the same time Samsung is a HUGE company, and they've done really well with the Galaxy series and the Note series. With all the money they make I would think they could figure out how to re-write the code for TouchWiz in order to make it less "hungry" for lack of a better term. Are all those features needed or wanted? No, most people seem to try them out and turn them off... until they want to show off the "cool stuff" their phone can do. Some of them are useful, sure, but not nearly all of them. Many of them are pretty creative solutions to problems that aren't that big a deal - and it seems that even those creative solutions don't work consistently, which is another reason people like to hate on TouchWiz, If all the features worked 100% of the time, I think there'd be less people mocking TouchWiz.

    So far, it seems the 3 biggest ones I read about are:
    1) Ugly (agreed, but I'd rather drive an ugly car that is amazingly reliable then a beautiful shiny new one that needs constant repairs or maintainence)
    2) Hungry (again, I agree. I don't know anyone who would rather have a bloated skin that sucks CPU and battery instead of one that's efficiant -- all features and everything else being equal)
    3) Reliability (cool features that only work sometimes aren't that cool - and probably more annoying to try to use then ones that are simpler but work every time)

    Lastly, a lot of people buy stuff because other people think it's cool. Or they avoid buying something because other people say it's not cool or it sucks or whatever. Nothing to do with appearance, functionality, reliability, or usefulness to the individual - but rather based off what people on the interwebz say is "cool" or "not cool". Going back to my first thought on Apple.

    See, iOS is pretty awesome in and of itself. Its smooth, fast, reliable, and pretty dang efficient. The hardware (the phone) and the software (iOS) are designed to work together - instead of taking the base OS, slapping a skin and features on it, then building a phone that can hopefully keep up to it, which is what Samsung does with Android. But, a lot of Android fans seem to hate on iOS because it's cool to do - nothing to do with how good iOS is. Same thing has been happening with TouchWiz for the last year or so. It has become cool to hate on TouchWiz (and Samsung to a degree as well) simply because it's "cool" to do so. Nothing to do with the creativity in all the features, or anything else but simply because it's "cool"

    Now, I will say Samsung could do a lot with it. They could update the look, re-code it for efficiency, and realize that consumers would rather have fewer features that work consistently then MORE features that work 68% of the time. Doing that would get a lot more people back onto Samsung's side - but the fact remains that people will always side with one product or service and "hate" another, simply because at that time product A is cooler then product B. Nothing to do with usefulness or features or reliability, but simply because by general consensus product A is cooler then product B. Look at clothing - a t-shirt is a t-shirt, yet if it has the label from Brand A rather then Brand B, somehow it's "cooler" - even if both t-shirts come out of the same factory!

    Anyway - I've rambled on this far more then I thought I would. And just so you know where I stand, my current phone is a Galaxy Nexus - and I'm seriously considering a Samsung (with Touchwiz) as my next device. (Of course it depends on what's available and the reviews of any new devices). I've enjoyed the simplicity of a Nexus, but at the same time there's a lot of functionality that I've been missing that personally I think should have been part of the base OS.
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    Default Re: What's your opinion about touchwiz ?

    I'm new to TouchWiz, I got my first Samsung phone (my GS4) back in July 1 2013.
    I didn't have any problems getting used to TouchWiz and I actually like it very much.

    Don't see why some people don't like it or even hate it, that's nonsense to me.

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    dancing-bass, you make some very valid points and all of which I agree with. I do think that more and more people are starting to dislike OEM skins whether it's Sammy, HTC, Motorola, etc. and it's also why you are seeing the top OEMs release Google Play Edition phones. Unfortunately everyone can't afford $400 and up for a phone.

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    Default Re: What's your opinion about touchwiz ?

    dancing-bass , Touchwiz is more efficient than Stock Android.

    Stock Android drains battery even faster.

    Galaxy S4 S600 Touchwiz - 69h
    Galaxy S4 GPE (S600 Processor) - 63h
    Galaxy S4 Octa-Core Edition - 65h

    GPE GS4 and S600 US version carry same chipset , So on fair comparison you get 6 hours more endurance rating on same test done.

    Reliability - Agreed

    Storage ? Not sure because Samsung already moved their base model to 32GB with Note III , So I wouldn't bother about any bloat and also SD-card comes handy.
    What I want is ability for user to remove those apps if he needs.
    I don't mind Samsung giving 100 apps installed out of the box but they must allow user to remove them.

    Contacts and Dailer apps should be unified again.It was so fast in gingerbread but slow after 4.x
    Gallery also slow.

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