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    Exclamation Battery Power Drainage

    Hey everyone so I woke up at 7am with my phone fully charged 100% everything is off only the power saving and sound is on even the screen brightness is set to its lowest all apps are fully closed it is now 8:51am and I have 68% battery power with no usage apart from checking the time on my phone O.O never had a battery for a phone drain so fast in my life ..will be going work and when I return ill update you all on what battery percentage is left ..Battery doctor is showing ram used:793mb free:1gb what I want to know is if this a 4.3 issue or battery issue? ordered a new battery online just in case
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    Default Re: Battery Power Drainage

    Look at the built in battery stats to help figure out what is using battery. Get gsam for more detailed stats.

    I don't know what battery doctor is...does it break down the usage?

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    Default Re: Battery Power Drainage

    Just got home with 48% battery to spare found out the problem the micro sd card was draining the battery like crazy not sure why so I took it out will need to get another to test it out hopefully the new one wont drain much.

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