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    Default cannot change system volume

    Hi, I'm new to Android and I've been having trouble with the system sound on my Samsung Galaxy s4. My system volume randomly turns off so that I don't get any sound from the keyboard, toggle sounds or unlock sounds. If I go into the sound menu, the system sound is all turned on. However when I go to the volume setting the system volume indicator is at 0 and the circle to control system volume is grayed out so I cannot change the volume. I can change the media, ringtone and notifications and those are all working and producing sound.

    So system sound just randomly goes to 0 and I cannot adjust it. Only way to get system sound back up is to restart the phone. I would prefer not to have to restart her phone everytime this happens so if anyone knows how to fix this I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Default Re: cannot change system volume

    I have just had this problem with my Note 3 and found when Open Mic is active the system sound turns off.

    If you pause Open Mic the system sound returns.

    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: cannot change system volume

    I have the same issue on my Note 3. What is it "Open Mic"?

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