So while driving this past Thursday, I was using my GPS, and streaming music on Spotify to my car radio via Bluetooth. My phone randomly shut off (screen just went black, no warning). I turned it back on, and it turned off within seconds of getting into the OS. I turned it back again, and same deal. Then I pulled the battery, and put it back in; same problem. I decided that maybe it was a bad battery, and I put a different battery in (I own 3 official batteries), and it worked fine.

Later on that day, I put the "bad" battery back in my phone, thinking that it might've over-heated, and it eventually displayed the same symptoms again while talking on the phone, and using a bluetooth headset (the GPS was off if anyone cares). I decided to give up on the battery, and just marked it as bad, and didn't use it again.

Today I was using a different battery, and the exact same thing happened while using the GPS, and listening to a locally saved podcast, and using a Bluetooth headset. I fixed the problem by putting the "bad" battery back in the phone (the other good battery was already dead), so now I don't know what to think.

I guess the battery connector on the phone is most likely the problem? I'm probably going to just RMA the phone, but I'm hoping that maybe someone has an idea before I do.

All help is appreciated!


Edit: I forgot to mention that I noticed the phone completely losing LTE/3G connectivity a split second before it shut off once, and it also seemed to be completely unresponsive during that same moment.

Also this has happened both in and out of a case, so I don't think overheating is the problem.