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    Default Auto resize on the net?

    Hey yall. Keeping in mind that I am a carpenter, I need help. My last phone was an HTC Rezound, when I zoomed on an article I had pulled up on my browser it would automatically resize (proper term?) to fit between the edges of my screen. Is there a setting on my S4 that will do this? My eyes are too old to read it at original size, and scrolling side to side is a pain. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Auto resize on the net?

    Welcome to the crowd. I've asked that same question on one the tech boards and the answer is that Google Chrome intentionally dropped/refuses to build that capability into it's browser. Some others in that forum said that there are some other lesser known browsers that offer that but I wasn't familiar with their names. I would gladly pay for an add on app that would add that to Chrome or Firefox.

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