Hello All,

I just bought a second Galaxy S4 about 2 weeks ago. I have had one already for several months. On my old one I am able to view texts I have had with Contacts through the History in the Contacts List. I hit 'Contact' button, then choose a contact I know I have texted with, then hit the 'Menu' button (lower left of phone) and then choose 'History' from the pop up choices. Instantly I see all the texts I have had with that contact. Further more on that screen when I hit the 'Menu' button again the options 'Delete' and 'View' are there. I choose 'View' and I see three choices 'Call', 'Message' and 'Email' all of which are checked.

HOWEVER, on the brand new Galaxy S4 I just got it is not saving texts going to the History option in the Contact List. When I go to that last 'Menu' choice and choose 'View' the only options it gives are 'Call' and 'Email'. There is no message option to put a check mark by. Just in case, the text message limit is set to 200 per conversation so I know at least that setting is right.
What is the deal?!??!

Thanks for any and all info!