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    Default Transferring Music from Doubletwist to Laptop

    Long story short, the hard drive on my laptop failed but thankfully I had an external drive to backup all of my data. But what I failed to do was back up my Downloads folder, where all of my music was. I use iTunes on my computer, but since I use a droid phone, I run double twist so they can work together.

    Since I lost all of the music on my computer, but it is on my phone in double twist, I was wondering if there was any way that I could somehow transfer the music from my phone to my computer.
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    Default Re: Transferring Music from Doubletwist to Laptop

    It may be possible using DoubleTwist, but if it's not, you can copy directly from the phone storage to the computer by hooking them up with a USB cable. Also, the iSyncr app will transfer music from your phone to iTunes on a computer http://www.jrtstudio.com/blog/Syncin...Back-To-iTunes
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    Default Re: Transferring Music from Doubletwist to Laptop

    Thank you.

    I figured that out right after I posted this. I come from using an iPhone where everything is a pain to transfer from the phone to the computer.

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