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    Default Samsung galaxy s4 glitch?

    OK so I have galaxy s4 from at &t and updates the phone to android 4.4.2. As most of you know one of ye features is when music is playing the album cover/art shows in the lockscreen. Keep in mind I have a security pass code on mine. I have the little notification thing checked so that when I receive a new message it actually shows on my screen and when I click on it I enter my pass code and it takes me there no issues. Now that I updated it, whenever I'm playing music and the album cover is showing, whenever I receive a text message it doesn't show up it shows shows the little icon in the notification bar but there's nothing on the screen that I click on. I actually have to unlock it then go the messages rather than being able to click on it and then type in my code to take me straight to it. I can see that it wants to show or something as it appears but blinks a few times then goes away like a glitch or something. anyone else having this problem or know how to fix please?
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    Default Re: Samsung galaxy s4 glitch?

    Probably not a glitch. The new message sign would cover up at album art and the music controls for pause skip and reverse.

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