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    Default KitKat Upgrade affecting email download on Galaxy S4

    Since upgrading to KitKat (Android 4.4.2 according to my device info) a few weeks ago I am plagued by email download issues.
    Every couple of days I find that whilst I am able to send email via the standard email account I am unable to download email. I have to remove the account and reinstall it with all the configurations that goes with.

    I know it is related somehow to KitKat as I have had the S4 a number of months with no problems.

    Having done a bit of research I can confirm that Synch is enabled everywhere it should be, I prefer to manually synch my email as it is a business phone and I really only use it when on the road.

    As it is business email I am constrained to POP3 protocol.

    I see no reason to install another email management application, there really is enough junk with Android as it is.

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