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    Default Please convince me i made the correct choice to buy an S4!!.........!

    Hi i hope you guys can help me.
    A few months i migrated from the iphone to the Galaxy S4. Five months in and i am STILL trying to suss out the best way to sync all my info.
    (BTW The S4 is a far better phone than the iphone). However, Samsung Kiels is the most badly designed software ive ever experienced, and coming from an iTunes user that is a big statement!
    I was recommended to use Double Twist which replicates iTunes. This was great, my life was saved....... until i realised the developers/Google prohibit you from loading files on to the SD card. What an outrageous decision. Basically makes Double Twist absolutely useless. Laughable.

    Im still using my MAC laptop and I also have an iPad so it is a necessity to keep iTunes up to date so i can sync my iPad.
    I gotta say i think i made a mistake trying to cross platform. I just cant see the S4 being as simple as the iphone and MAC.

    As it stands this is how i am syncing my phone:

    Contacts with Google gmail
    Calendar with Google gmail
    Music with Google Play via iTunes
    Tasks and Notes with Evergreen
    Photos with Dropbox
    Document transfer with Wifi Transfer App

    Now i used to hate iTunes! But at least it was one platform that would sync everything with one touch of a button with my iPhone and iPad. Now i seem to be all other the place.

    For example:
    1) How can i sync my Google Calendar/S Planner with my i Calendar on my Mac which inturn will sync with my iPad?
    2) If i delete tunes from iTunes will it automatically delete/sync with Google Play?
    3) Google Play will not sync song files above 300mb. Ridiculous.
    4) How do i load files and songs onto the SD Card?

    I would love to love my S4 but as it stands i needs some help!

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Please convince me i made the correct choice to buy an S4!!.........!

    Anything is better than an iPhone
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    Default Re: Please convince me i made the correct choice to buy an S4!!.........!

    mhinc thanks for your statement!
    Do you have any assistance with my reasons to doubt that fact?

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