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    Default choose input method notification

    Okay so whenever I open up meseges the choose input method keeps appearing in my status bar. I am using the google keyboard but it wont go away any ideas?

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    Default Re: choose input method notification

    I use SwiftKey on my Galaxy S4 and am asked to Choose Input Method every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I, too, want this to go away or at least decline in frequency a great deal.
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    Default Re: choose input method notification

    Is this what you're talking about?

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    Default Re: choose input method notification

    Yes..looking for help on this too, I keep getting the same notification.
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    Default Re: choose input method notification

    Goto Settings...
    Language and Input...
    Make SURE that only the Keyboard you want to use is checkboxed.
    Also leave a voice input checked.

    Backout to Settings...
    Find the Keyboards you don't use and either:
    'Uninstall' them...
    =OR= if they are part of the System ROM,
    'Disable' them...

    In some System ROMs, you can disable the apps ability to generate notifications via:
    a (an already checked ) Checkbox, uncheck it.

    You will not need root to use the above method(s)...
    Hope this helps...
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    Default Re: choose input method notification

    Made an account to post a link to a better answer than any on this page. Can't post links unless I have ten posts. So sorry this is in inconvenient format, but go to:
    gs4. wonderhowto. com/how-to/get-rid-annoying-input-notification-keyboard-icon-your-samsung-galaxy-s4-0147036/

    Make sure you delete the spaces after the periods in the above link ^^

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