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    Default S4 flashed phone

    So, I have a flashed Galaxy S4 that was flashed to Straight Talk. It is not working as well as I had hoped and now I am considering getting another phone. I am wondering if I reset the phone will it revert back to the way it was before I flashed it. And if not, what are my options to sell it? This is my first time owning a flashed phone and any help is much appreciated. TIA.
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    Default Re: S4 flashed phone

    Did you want it to be on Straight Talk?

    Flashed phones sometimes have issues if not done by a professional. A factory reset will only get you back to where you cleanly flashed it, not to its original state.

    IMHO your options are:

    Send it off to be flashed (or find someone nearby that does this stuff) properly
    Odin it back to what it should be, then sell it
    deal with it
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    Default Re: S4 flashed phone

    Thanks for your response. I did actually wish it to be flashed to ST and it was done by someone I feel knew what he was doing. The problem really is that I live in a rural area and here I notice I can have 2 or 3 bars and the phone will barely get on the internet with some apps just not working at all. Sometimes I can restart the phone when this happens and it seems to help. In contrast, in larger areas, I can have 2-3 bars and the phone works very well. And when I have very good signal strength anywhere, the phone works very well. I am not sure if it is the phone or it's just Verizon service where I live. I am just weighing my options. So, if I do a factory reset will it revert back to the previous carrier? Without activating the phone how will I know if it works correctly should I choose to try to sell it after doing so?

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