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    Question USB Door maybe no dock or difficult?

    Looks like there's one company that makes a dock that has a "pocket" in back, and this will work with the S5 due to the USB port cover. I found it here: KiDiGi Samsung Dock. However I'm thinking that I might just go with wireless charging, but that's even more for the pad plus the new back. Anyone? The negative about plugging in with cord only is that I tend to have a big dog who always wants to drag things....
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    Default Re: USB Door maybe no dock or difficult?

    I'll likely go wireless eventually. The door looks like the phone's weak point. With so much opening and closing, I'm worried it will eventually break off.
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    Default Re: USB Door maybe no dock or difficult?

    My concern as well, but I guess its plasticky rubber connector. I guess since I won't be taking this into the pool or bathtub, I don't really care... but it probably would hurt the resale value to have it break off.
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    Default Re: USB Door maybe no dock or difficult?

    I am hoping the stupid tab thing won't interfere with my Everdock. I bought them specifically because I switch between phones, a lot! LOL If it does, I may just take it off!

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