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    Lightbulb S5 Samsung Account Log in 'In Progress'

    Hi guys,

    Currently next to a very new black S5 and I have to say on first impressions it's looking very exciting indeed.

    Is anybody else finding that under certain situations, the phone is stuck log in /signing in screens?

    I am trying to log into my samsung account, my details are correct, but it gets stuck trying to log in. The notification turns to 'in progress' but even after multiple restarts I get the same issue.

    (this is the same trying to log into a secondary gmail account)

    Thoughts guys?


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    Default Re: S5 Samsung Account Log in 'In Progress'

    There MAY be something wrong with the Samsung customer database. I logged in with my usual ID to register my S5. Then I entered the correct IMEI number. However, later I could not open the Samsung store with that ID. I had to create a new account.

    Then I could not locate my S5 from their App website. I then registered my S5 again with the new account and noticed it showed I had two S5's with one having the wrong IMEI number. I could not enter the IMEI number at all in my second registration.

    Thus, I called Samsung telephone support and they referred me to the Samsung Webmaster at the Samsung Customer Service web site. I sent him two messages and so far I have not heard anything.

    I am not having any problems with my gmail account or their store account.

    Edit as of one hour later: the webmaster fixed my account and it is now correct. He must have worked all last night since I suspect my account was not the only one with a problem.

    Try to log into Samsung later today. Your account will also probably be fixed.

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